Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is Marty again! Well, today started off with the best intentions, but how does that saying go? Anyway, I began my day with a Shaklee Meal shake, and some fresh fruit. Not bad, I said to myself. Actually, I said it out loud, as I was trying to impress the family. My wife just looked at me, because she had her shake, too, for breakfast, so I got that "Really?" look from her. Lunch was light also, but my main reason for not feeling good about today wasn't the food I ate, or didn't eat. No, it was the lack of exercise. I was hoping to get some time doing something, and I missed the boat completely. I would like to say that there is always tomorrow, but I can't keep putting it off. Yes, I know it is only two days, but that is how three months can pass by without doing anything, one simple day at a time. This means that Wednesday is a MUST day for me. I MUST make time to exercise, even if I get busy.

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