Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Mary!

My name is Mary (Marty’s wife), and it's my turn to greet the world and say, "Hello!" I smile brightly, I live fully, and I love with all I have. Having a healthy outlook on life, however, does not a healthy heart make.

This means that it’s also my turn to officially commit to what my husband and I have said we're going to do... but keep putting aside for the business (busy-ness?) of living life. What "LIFE" is there, however, without being alive?

I've watched myself from this side of the mirror and am ever amazed that the moment I look away my mind (in full “self-preservation” mode) instantly replaces what is with what was... or what would be. I have realized that although my mind is trying to save my pride, nothing could be less healthy than untruth! Only truth will save my life. The truth is, I am overweight. The truth is, that is not healthy. My Martin and I talked about the ways we could get serious, the tricks to losing weight, and the key that would open the door to our healthy future. We've set our goals, we've reviewed our reasons and motivation, and now for the commitment… our blog to follow our journey into a world of wellness!

Neither one of us wish to post a "before" photo with our unhealthy selves in a bathing suit. We wouldn’t wish to subject anyone to such cruel and unusual punishment. J I will, however, chronicle my journey to wellness with updates on my weight and current photos of myself. I’ve put this off long enough, so there’s no time like the present to start. After dusting off the scale I was disappointed to see that I still weigh 281 pounds. I weighed 175-180 pounds in high school and that being said, I’d like to lose 100 pounds and return to my “old self”.

For the past week I thought I’d been pretty good at eating healthy. I’ve been drinking my meal shakes for breakfast. I’ve turned down offers of sweets including cookies, candy, and even a Frosty from Wendy’s! If you don’t know me, you don’t realize what self-control that took. I’ve been putting away the food after our first helping at dinner to keep from going back for seconds. I’ve stopped frequenting Starbucks and McDonalds, and I’ve even switched to non-fat and fat-free options for just about everything. I’ve rid the house of sweets and snacks, and when I shop for groceries I try to stick to the perimeter of the store where fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, etc. are sold. I try to avoid the aisles where processed foods and packaged dinners are sold.

Well, I won’t let a week make me weak! I am determined to win this war, battle by battle. Tomorrow’s battle will go something like this.

Breakfast: Shaklee meal shake, Shaklee Vitalizer supplements, a piece of fruit, and my morning water.

Mid-morning: I’ll grab more water and exercise with the Wii Fit Plus (and maybe Zumba 2 if I my husband will join me). Otherwise, I have a feeling I’ll be too pooped to continue. For some reason, when my Marty’s around, I have this need to reach for the stars… and the conviction that I’m able to. When we exercise together, I won’t quit until he does.

Lunch: Shaklee meal shake, more water, fresh vegetables.

Dinner: This will be the most difficult time unless I prepare ahead. I hope to prepare dinner after I exercise when I’m not hungry. I’m also going to cut some fresh vegetables to snack on if I get hungry, or if others in the house decide to eat un-healthy.

My Marty and I are doing this together. We have some great goals for our future, but we need to be healthy to see them realized! I’ll check in again soon. Take care and feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and helpful hints or advice. We can use all the help we can get!!!

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