Friday, November 23, 2012

11/23/12 I Think I Can, I Think I Can... Break this habit!

Well, eating the right things when you're used to eating the wrong things is NOT an easy task. For a week I've eaten nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables, and a meal shake or two a day. My weight as of today is 271 and I am very excited that this hard work is already paying off. In fact, the more weight I lose, the easier it gets to resist the bad eating habits that led me down this path. 

There are times, however, when it's difficult to remember the benefits when memories of soft buttery noodles or loaded baked potatoes teasingly taunt on my taste buds. What can I do to stay strong in those weak moments? What will help me resist the temptation? And more importantly, how long does it take to break a bad habit? If I see the light at the end of the tunnel it's easier to trudge on, but if it seems never ending... it's definitely more difficult. So I'm on a quest to find out, just when will this get any easier? When will eating correctly be second nature? When will I have dropped my bad eating habits by the wayside and formed new, better, healthier eating habits? 

I checked Psychology Today's website and read all about how hard it it to change a bad habit (and he used bad eating and poor exercise as examples)... ugh! NOT HELPING! (Although, it WAS humorous.) So I checked out and found answers that ranged from 3 months to a year. I can do 3 months I think... however, I don't think I can keep this up for a year! I checked out Yahoo Answers and found one reply that said it can take one night and that it's just mind over matter (or mind over body)... well... my MIND says I want to lose weight and be healthy, and it REALLY does matter to me, but hot melting mushroom cheeseburgers are pretty powerful to ignore, especially when I'm crunching on raw vege sticks and broccoli that seems to be biting me back with every chew. (Sigh). 

I did find a really helpful article on the Wiki How site, "How to Break a Habit". It didn't give a time table (much like Psychology Today's website), but the helpful advice is worth sharing. So, if you have a hard habit to break, feel free to listen to the video and read on. (I did not write the information below, I pasted it as it was too good to only share a few highlights. My notes/personal thoughts follow.)


  1. 1
    Admit that you have a problem. Acknowledging that you have a habit you'd like to break is vital. Consider the ways that the habit alters or affects your life, and accept that you'd like to change this. Ask yourself:
    • Why is this habit bad?
    • What's holding me back from getting rid of it?
    • What things or people stop me from breaking the habit?
  2. 2
    Change your environment. Research suggests that sometimes our environments can cue us to perform certain behaviors, even if we're actively trying to stop[1]. Find a way to change your scenery and see if your bad habit becomes less tempting. For instance, if you like to smoke out on your patio, remove the chair you sit in and replace it with a plant. If you tend to overeat at the same location at the dining room table, move to a different seat or rearrange your furniture such that you're facing a different direction than usual when you eat. Subtle changes to the environment can make a habit less rote and force your mind to reassess what's happening.
    • Limit your interactions with people who encourage your bad habit. If your bad habit takes place in an environment that you can't alter, like your place of work, then try changing the social configuration of your habit. For instance, if you smoke on breaks with a group of coworkers, start timing your break differently so that you're not tempted to join the fray and light up. Your social life might suffer, but your health will improve.
  3. 3
    Create barriers to the habit. If your reason for avoiding the habit is more pressing than your desire to engage in it, the behavior will become continually easier to avoid. Here are a few suggestions:
    • Find someone you like who disapproves of your habit. Tell yourself you will not indulge in the act whenever you are around that person. Use the person as an anchor, and try to be around them whenever you feel like controlling the urge.
    • Capitalize on other habits. Use another behavior or tendency to combat the habit. For instance, if you're lazy, be lazy about your habit. Think of it as too much effort. If you're a smoker, keep your pack locked up in your car down the street.
    • Pay up. Use the same rationale behind a swear jar: every time you slip back into the habit, put a dollar (or more) in a can or jar. Set an amount that you'll hate to cough up whenever you give into the urge, and stick to it. When you've successfully kicked the habit, spend the money on a reward or donate it to a charitable cause.
  4. 4
    Find a placeholder. Try to replace your habit with something new and positive in your life. The key is not to focus on the "not doing", but to think instead about "doing." For instance, if you're trying to stop smoking, eat a sucker or walk around the block when you would usually light up. Filling the void left by your old habit with another activity will help you avoid backsliding.
  5. 5
    Be patient. Behavioral conditioning is a long process, and breaking a habit takes time - as much as you'd like to, you probably won't stop doing it overnight. Set realistic goals and plan to have the behavior wiped out in 30 days. If you get to the end of a month and find you need more time, take another 30 days. As long as you're still improving, don't pay too much attention to how long the process is taking. You'll get there eventually.


  • Believe in yourself. Telling yourself you can't do something is a bad cognitive habit that needs breaking!
  • Take on one habit at a time, two at most. Any more than that, and you'll feel overwhelmed.
  • Remember to reward and congratulate yourself when you do well.


  • Substance abuse, eating disorders, self-mutilation and other self-destructive patterns aren't habits - they're addictions and illnesses. Seek professional help to combat them.
  • Consult a mental health professional (psychologist, psychiatrist or a counselor) if you find that you can't control the habit yourself.

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Sources and Citations


So, according to that ...

Step #1: Admit that you have a problem. I have done this. It asks, "Why is this habit bad?" Well, a poor diet and lack of exercise are bad because it's unhealthy. It will cost more in medical bills, shorten my life, and make the time I am alive painful and miserable. It will also negatively affect the people around me, the ones I love the most in this world. What's holding me back from getting rid of these bad habits? Well, money mostly. 

It's EXPENSIVE to eat healthy. I've countered that with mystery shopping (especially grocery stores, when I can find them). I shop at Aldi instead of Meijer or Jewel or even Walmart. It's much cheaper. Also, my wonderful loving husband has also created a pantry in the basement so I don't see any food I shouldn't be eating such as noodles, rice, crackers, prepared dinners, snacks, desserts, and so forth. So looking at all that bad food (especially when hungry) was holding me back. 

Another thing was having to look at it or smell it while cooking it. My husband and son have been troopers in this area by making the dinners for the last week. It's still hard to smell it from the other room (even a hot dog smelled delicious, and I don't even like hot dogs!), but it's better than standing right on top of it. 

The last thing holding me back was... well, I LIKE the soft hot feel of all those starches and sometimes it's all I can think of while I'm crunching on the cold hard crunchy vegetables. So, I'll have to try and forcefully focus on why my habits are bad and what the benefits are. As the Little Engine That Could said, "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." 

Step #2: Change your environment. A key phrase for me when I read that article was, "Subtle changes to the environment make a habit less rote and force the mind to reassess what's happening." Well, moving the pantry downstairs has helped change the layout of the kitchen. That's taken a LOT of temptation out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind. 

On National "Clean Our Your Refrigerator" Day I cleaned it and reorganized it. The fresh fruit and vegetables are front and center, the cheese and meat and yogurt are all in the back and are not easily accessible. I have even started cutting up the produce the moment I bring it home from the store so things like celery sticks are easy to grab when I get hungry or want a snack. I'm not sure if this has helped, but we'll see. 

I have also not been eating in the dining room. I've been eating in the living room where I only have my fresh and healthy food in front of me. And there are no seconds, unlike when you eat at the table and the rest of the food in the pans or serving dishes is still sitting there begging to be eaten. When my healthy food is gone, it's gone. No more. I'm done! This has helped a lot too. By the time I make it out to the kitchen to put the rest of any food away, what I've eaten has already settled and I'm no longer hungry. Of course, my amazing husband has been doing most of the cooking and putting away of food and I haven't had to do much of this. Thank you sweetie!!!

Step #3: Create barriers to the habit. Well, I guess this was accomplished with the pantry downstairs, as well as placing the healthy food in the front of the fridge. I can't afford a "Diet Cheating" jar (like a "swear jar") so maybe some other penalty can be imposed... like additional minutes of exercise? Perhaps I can look up how many minutes of exercise will burn the calories of the food I am contemplating cheating with. Perhaps just making me look up the calories will be enough to deter me from eating it in the first place. LOL. I'm also sharing this blog with my Facebook friends, many of whom are very health conscious and support my healthy decisions every stop of the way. If you can think of anything else, let me know. I'm open to suggestions! And if you see me about to cheat, smack some sense into me! I'll know you love me. :-)

Step #4: Find a placeholder. To fill the void of eating/snacking all the time I've begun exercising. That's a nice placeholder! I'm also drinking a lot more water, and I've added a little bit of protein powder to my meal shake. This makes me feel so full and has made this much easier. In place of the soft yummy foods I'm missing right now, my amazing husband went out and bought some avocados for a salad and then the whole family ate salad for dinner. How nice and thoughtful was that!? It was the best meal I've had all week. This week I'll be cooking one of my vegetables at dinner so I'll be able to sink my teeth into hot soft things like steamed broccoli or cauliflower or carrots, and yes, they will seem very soft after eating them raw all last week. LOL. 

Step #5: Be patient. The advice is to set realistic goals, but I don't know what is realistic and what isn't. It also says I can start out with a 30 day goal and if I'm not there, take another 30 days, and so on until I've reached my goal. As long as I'm making progress, I'll get there eventually. Okay, so I was 286 pounds and I want to be at 180 pounds. My goal is to lose 116 pounds. I've heard somewhere that 2 pounds a week is about right if I don't want to gain it all back right away. 

So, 2 pounds a week, 8-10 pounds a month... that's almost a year! Yikes!!! On a positive note, if I keep my goals low like that... when I exceed them there will be cause for celebration (a happy dance, not chocolate... lol). And as my Martin has pointed out, since I've already lost 15 pounds, I'm about 10% of the way there and it's only been a week. Not bad, not bad. I realize much of that was probably water weight and that the rest of the weight won't come off as quickly, but it's enough to give me inspiration for now. 


Believe in yourself. Telling yourself you can't do something is a bad cognitive habit that needs breaking! It call comes back to that little engine that could. Funny how all I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten!  Just look at your chances of success in the below chart and how they're affected by what you say... just the words that come out of your mouth (which are a reflection of what you feel in your heart - Luke 6:45) can have a major impact on whether or not you end up succeeding! So, choose your words carefully... and fill your heart and mind with positive thoughts!

Take on one habit at a time, two at most. Any more than that, and you'll feel overwhelmed. - Hmmm... So, "Bad Eating Habits" and "Lack of Sufficient Exercise" are the two I am working on at the moment. My "Pack Rat" tendencies and occasional "Loose Budget" controls are also on the table, but one or two bad habits at a time, right? (Shrug)

Remember to reward and congratulate yourself when you do well. So, if I used to reward myself with chocolate (Godiva's Double Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, to be exact), what do I do now? Well, remind myself of the weight loss success at each step (every pound I lose may sound very small and insignificant by itself, but it's a whole brick of butter!), remind myself of the health benefits, and remind myself of my family and loved ones that I need to stay around and stay healthy for. 

Autumn Overton, Gary Feutz, Haley Overton

Elizabeth and Mark Smith

Betty and Shirley Overton and myself

Brenda, Bill, and Bryce Ball

Eugene and Shirley Overton

Mike, Crystal, Will, Dave, Janice Schulte, Drew and Kelsey Brogdon, Giovanni Dumford, Gary Feutz, me and Cathy Haglund

Ian Overton

Johnny Stuchel

Julie Quinn

Kathy Chepon, Gary Feutz, and Shirley Overton

Betty Overton, me, Shirley Ketcher, DJ and Jayden Feutz

Lou and Linda Rosa

Ray and LeAnna Lozano

DJ and Jayden Feutz, me, Gary Feutz

Gary Feutz and Nathan Burton

Jimmy Jett, Nathan Overton, Jayden Feutz, Caity Jett, and Ian Overton

Autumn, Haley, Zach, and Hughey Overton

Gary Feutz, Elise Phelps, and myself

Gary Feutz, Anita Pinkston

David, Janice, Will Schulte

Me, BJ and Sean Niktabe

DJ Feutz, Bahama Island Artist, Tory, Mary, Elijah, and Martin Sowder

Gary Feutz, Tory Sowder, Lou Rosa, Martin and Mary Sowder, Valinda Stokes, Elijah Sowder, and Autumn King

Me and my Precious Martin!

Gary and Will Schulte

And after all this, I wonder, what are my chances for success at this whole "Healthy Lifestyle" thing? How do I improve my chances? I'll discuss that next time! Eight Things Remarkably Successful People Do

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mary had a bit of a shock this last week. She went to the doctor for some foot pain and had a physical as well. Enough popped up to encourage us to make the changes we had tried earlier, but now realize it is something that cannot be put off any longer. To that end, we are restarting the diet and exercise and will do better about our posting. Do you have any suggestions for low impact exercises? Let us know, please. I have a Gazelle that is helpful to Mary, since she still has the foot pain. Pictures will be coming up soon, I just have to persuade a certain someone, lol.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A return of sorts

I'm back! Ok, just a touch base  kind of thing, but it's a start, right? Ok, we will see how this goes.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day at Porter County Expo!

I have to apologize for not being here for a while. We decided to participate at the Porter County Expo Center with a World of Wellness-Shaklee booth, and have been super busy prepping the whole thing. At first, I thought it would be easy, we do this as our Chiropractors Office Rep all the time. Doing it for someone else and doing it for yourself are different enough to keep us busy all the time. Finally, the big day is tomorrow! So, even though it is late, we are going through our lists and making sure all the stuff is ready. Mary went out earlier, to put up our banner, (yes!, thanks, VistaPrint!!) and some table stuff. We got the rest of the decorations and she is printing up the last price lists. We are planning on having some product on display, and there is an offer for a Free Membership with any purchase until April 30th. I am stuck at work for a while tomorrow, so Mary will start the day without me, but I will be joining her later. We will have pics and stories for tomorrows blog!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Big Week

I have been feeling better and better and have finally came to a decision. I have been wearing the same size jeans for over a year, and am now going to go and get a new pair in a new SIZE! Yes, it will be a size smaller, thank you. Since I usually just look at my tags and buy the same size time after time, this really is a milestone for me. Its not that I don't shop, no, I do, it's just like I have my measurements memorized, and I don't try anything different. But ow, whoa baby, this will be awesome! I guess you have to understand me a bit. Being the same size for so long gets you into a routine. I think this lifestyle change Mary and I have made is also refreshing us mentally as well. I notice little things, like when we go out to eat, water is asked for instead of soda, dessert is passed on, often even at home. To tell the truth, she does better than me in the will power department, and I'm very proud of how she has been going along. Maybe it's because I feel I have a shorter distance to go, but I seem to be more prone to "accessorizing" my meals. Ok, cheat. But still, I have lost weight, I have been able to change my belt notches, and I don't get as out of breath as I had been lately. When I watched the Shaklee video for our training, the doctor mentioned little changes can make a big difference. I believe it because I see it, in Mary and myself. We have now been talking about making some bigger changes, so I guess that means from little changes to medium changes, after all, let's not get too wild here, right? I think I will post a pic of my new jeans this week, of course, I still have to go shopping for them!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Take a Hike!

What are we to do with this gorgeous weather? Take a hike!!! :-)

The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing kisses through the warm spring air. The birds lend their song to the pleasant orchestra of a world coming to life. I would say it was thawing out, but it never seemed to freeze this winter. Don't get me wrong, I feel no pity for the neglected shovel leaning against the back of my house. Nope, I am thoroughly enjoying the mild weather and wish to take full advantage of it!

That being said, what WILL I do with this gift? Well, I am trying to be productive and cross many things things off the "To-Do" list today. I'd love to surprise my husband with a clean slate when he arrives home. As daunting a task as that may be, I am positive that I will get much further than if I hadn't tried at all.

- Breakfast meal shake & vitamins
- Early morning ministry
- Clean the house
- Make sure Gary's done with his home schoolwork for the day
- Study the Pro Presenter 4 tutorials for my Office Rep job at Kauffman Chiropractic
(BEFORE the sales meeting tonight)
- Attend the online sign language class so I don't fall behind on that
- Cement details for my niece's visit over Spring Break
- Get an itinerary of activities together for that week (any ideas for two teen girls?)
- Lunch (Greek yogurt and my son heated up some leftover Chinese)
- Zumba 2 on the Wii (30 minutes)
- Get dinner prepped (and anything frozen, get out to thaw)
(I AM open to any suggestions/ideas for tasty yet healthy dinner options)
- Take a hike! (To Kauffman Chiropractic for the sales meeting, a 3.5 mile trek)
- Family Bible Study

I am determined to lose this weight! I still have not gained or lost since my last post, so maybe the water and exercise will help. My journey to a World of Wellness will be traveled weekly, not weakly! - Mary

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"No G-News is Good G-news," - Gary Gnu

Good Evening! I can't believe it's been 9 days since our last blog! Well, don't worry... as Gary Gnu said, "No G-news is GOOD G-news!" Although I haven't lost any weight since last time, I haven't gained any either!!!

We've been busy, and more so than usual. My van blew a head gasket and it's been repaired... TWICE! My husband went back to work after being laid off all winter. And I've started another job (not a NEW job, as if I stopped any/all others, but I've added another to my list which includes mystery shopper, daycare provider, World of Wellness enthusiast, Shaklee independent distributor, Bible instructor, mom of a home schooled teen, etc., etc., etc.).

Well, honestly, we've cheated a little as things "spring" to life and our calendar gets packed. The congregation pot luck family night was last weekend and I couldn't risk offending someone by NOT tasting each dish my friends so lovingly prepared. LOL.

Martin and I have been remaining active, we've been drinking our meal shakes for breakfast, and he's been taking a lunch to work instead of grabbing an artery clogging lunch somewhere. Eating healthy HAS proved a little difficult since we've been increasing our efforts as Kauffman Chiropractic's Office Representatives. I've decided that we need to plan ahead and pack a healthy meal when we know we'll be busy during mealtime. That's my bad and I'm determined to not trip over that obstacle again.

So, the plan for this week is drink more water, eat healthy meals which include fresh fruit and vegetables, and don't SKIP any meals! I also need to schedule time to exercise because trying to fit it in when I can isn't working. I DO have three Zumba belts for use with my Zumba 2 on the Wii... hint, hint, hint. Any takers? :-)

Take care my friends, and don't let one week make you weak! I continue my fight to achieve what I deserve... what everyone deserves... a world a wellness!!!

PS: I just received my latest Shaklee newsletter in the mail. I'm going to dive into it tonight and tomorrow... and I'll share some juicy tid bits soon.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Amazing! I have been at it a little more than a week, and already I see big differences! I have switched to the Shaklee meal shake for the last week or so, drank more water and cut down (not cut out!) my soft drinks and snacks. I have lost almost four pounds in this week, 3.9 to be exact. That is great! Yes, I just patted myself on the back, after all, now that I lost all that weight I can reach around, lol. I have managed to increase my exercising, and now try to spend a little longer on it as well as increasing the days I do it with Mary. It really is great to see it coming off. I mean, I was pushing the last buckle on my belt a month ago, got back to my second notch a few weeks back, and yesterday I was in my third notch, and it was comfortable! If I can make it a little further, I think I will treat myself to a new pair of jeans. So, earlier I mentioned cutting back on my soft drinks. I had to phrase it that way, because I don't know where in the country you are reading from today. It may be pop, or soda, or Coke even! Yes, when I was in Tennessee for a few years, people always were asking if I wanted a Coke. I said yes, because I like Coke, then I would be shocked by them asking what kind of Coke I wanted, Sprite, Root Beer, Pepsi, Orange, etc. It was funny when I would go into the restaurants with my friends and they would all stare at me when I started laughing when asked that question. They would give me looks, wondering what I found so funny. Eventually, they just chalked it up to a "Yank thang" and went on with what they were doing. So, that is why I chose Soft Drinks. Long story? Yeah, but you read it, didn't you?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Hump Day/Wednesday - The highest hurdle till the weekend

Okay, I never got the whole "hump" day thing. I have always enjoyed Wednesdays because that means there are only two days till Friday. I mean, only rainy days and Mondays get me down... right? (Grin).

So, I'm down a pound since last week. I do realize that we can fluctuate a pound or two every day, but I'm happy. A pound may not seem like a lot, but if you hold a brick of butter in your hand you realize a pound is quite a bit! I know, ever the optimist, but something's got to keep me going. Wednesday isn't the daunting hurdle that intimidates me... it's failing this battle to lose weight and be healthy. That's just plain scary! So, just as the weekend is the "gold" at the end of the rainbow, achieving my WORLD OF WELLNESS is the lost treasure I'm determined to find and unearth. I have my map with the big red "X" marking the spot. Now, I just need to follow the path, overcome the strategically placed obstacles and booby traps, and view anyone that would hinder my success as a potential pirate that would steal my booty... unwittingly or not!

I feel good about this past week. We've kept up the meal shakes for breakfast, we've been trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and our dinner portions have been modest (i.e. no overflowing plate, and seconds are frowned upon). When I couldn't resist snacking, I made sure to only grab a few rice crackers or another bottle of water. I'm pretty proud of the many temptations I've resisted. And by the way, if you love someone... don't offer them candy bars or Starbucks when they're trying to lose weight. It's not nice. Just sayin'.

Oh, and just because something is "fat free" doesn't make it calorie free! So, if someone who is trying to lose weight indulges in calories (fat free or not), then said "someone" should be forced to walk the plank and burn as many calories on the Wii or in Zumba dance that have been ingested... IMHO. (Shrug) Of course, I'm not naming names. That wouldn't be nice... would it? (Coy grin, innocent giggle).

Well, since I was workin' out with my gal pal at 6:30 AM, breaking a sweat and trying to talk like it was no big thing despite my body screaming for sanity, I felt extremely accomplished by an early hour today. I was then in service doing business territory with my family and the day rewarded me with sunshine and a nice spring "breeze"(if that's what you want to call the gale force gusts blowing garbage cans over and scattering trash everywhere). My husband is a pillar of support and I enjoy his company on this journey. He works out with me, encourages me, and loves me. What else could a gal want? He's my amazing Marty and I love him right back! I hope I encourage and support him as he needs. He certainly deserves it... and I certainly don't deserve him!!!!

I have to smile as I sit for a moment reflecting on my day thus far and contemplating what remains of my schedule. I enjoy watching the trees "dance" outside, and as I close my eyes I hear and imagine the wind singing a breezy ballad. Yes, they are celebrating my victories with me one pound at a time. I will win this war one battle at a time, and one week shall not make me weak!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today, we had a great time. We started off healthy, and kept it up. Its easy to make small changes that can have a big impact. Just ordering sandwiches without mayo, for example, can add up to a lot of saved calories. So finally the busy day is over, all is accomplished, and now you get a chance to listen to me write. Wait, did I just say that? Ok, you know what I mean. This evening, I had to go out of town to get my car from the mechanics shop. I was supposed to go yesterday, but they actually had both of my cars at the same time, and I had to pick one up yesterday and the other one today. This was a funny week, because no one in my family had a vehicle. My son, daughter and step son all had car problems this week. Hopefully theirs will be settled soon, but since they all live in different states, we can't really help, just sympathize with each others plight, and of course, try to top each others broken down car stories. My sons story wins the prize, his car won't accelerate past 30 mph, and he needs to take a highway to work, plus he is a lead-footed driver, so it's ironic on top of everything, lol.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another day, dreary of sky, wet and windy. Fortunately the weather doesn't determine our moods, so we had a pretty good day. A lot of errands to do and now done. It started off kilter, and we got a late start, but we had our good shake, this time with banana, and I'm glad I upped it a little bit today, we didn't get too lunch until late and I really needed it. By then, I was ready to eat a horse, but since they are hard to find, I had to wait. We had caught up our lateness by then and it was a good time to take a break. Sometimes, I feel overbooked, but there is really nothing like the feeling you get from sitting down at the end of the day knowing you finished things, worked hard, and accomplished goals. That is enough to make it worth doing again tomorrow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


After all my promises, I finally did it! I started exercising again with Mary and it was well worth it to me. I had been delaying again and figured another day would be blown by being to "busy". At lunch, Mary had moved our coffee table out of the way and was ready for me to start. When we started the Wii up to do our vitals and then I had another surprise waiting for me- it had been 39 days since my last attempt! I felt that it had not been that long, but I was so wrong. We got our stats, we danced to the Zumba 2 and felt so good that we finally got our act together. Mary has helped me so much, helping by getting the Shaklee Meal shakes together, as well as chopping up fruits and vegetables for our snacks, and making sure we have healthy food to eat. That actually is my problem. I will have a candy bar, cookies or something to munch on. It's like I'm grazing all day long, but I have cut that out now. I think that is going to be the hardest for me. I remember something Dave Ramsey used to say, "You live like no one else, so later, you can live like no one else." I am thinking that this might be appropriate, because I want to be healthy, but I have to put forth the effort. I am itching to go back to my snacks. And the couch. No! Stop that! Ok, that's better. Till next time!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Mary!

My name is Mary (Marty’s wife), and it's my turn to greet the world and say, "Hello!" I smile brightly, I live fully, and I love with all I have. Having a healthy outlook on life, however, does not a healthy heart make.

This means that it’s also my turn to officially commit to what my husband and I have said we're going to do... but keep putting aside for the business (busy-ness?) of living life. What "LIFE" is there, however, without being alive?

I've watched myself from this side of the mirror and am ever amazed that the moment I look away my mind (in full “self-preservation” mode) instantly replaces what is with what was... or what would be. I have realized that although my mind is trying to save my pride, nothing could be less healthy than untruth! Only truth will save my life. The truth is, I am overweight. The truth is, that is not healthy. My Martin and I talked about the ways we could get serious, the tricks to losing weight, and the key that would open the door to our healthy future. We've set our goals, we've reviewed our reasons and motivation, and now for the commitment… our blog to follow our journey into a world of wellness!

Neither one of us wish to post a "before" photo with our unhealthy selves in a bathing suit. We wouldn’t wish to subject anyone to such cruel and unusual punishment. J I will, however, chronicle my journey to wellness with updates on my weight and current photos of myself. I’ve put this off long enough, so there’s no time like the present to start. After dusting off the scale I was disappointed to see that I still weigh 281 pounds. I weighed 175-180 pounds in high school and that being said, I’d like to lose 100 pounds and return to my “old self”.

For the past week I thought I’d been pretty good at eating healthy. I’ve been drinking my meal shakes for breakfast. I’ve turned down offers of sweets including cookies, candy, and even a Frosty from Wendy’s! If you don’t know me, you don’t realize what self-control that took. I’ve been putting away the food after our first helping at dinner to keep from going back for seconds. I’ve stopped frequenting Starbucks and McDonalds, and I’ve even switched to non-fat and fat-free options for just about everything. I’ve rid the house of sweets and snacks, and when I shop for groceries I try to stick to the perimeter of the store where fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, etc. are sold. I try to avoid the aisles where processed foods and packaged dinners are sold.

Well, I won’t let a week make me weak! I am determined to win this war, battle by battle. Tomorrow’s battle will go something like this.

Breakfast: Shaklee meal shake, Shaklee Vitalizer supplements, a piece of fruit, and my morning water.

Mid-morning: I’ll grab more water and exercise with the Wii Fit Plus (and maybe Zumba 2 if I my husband will join me). Otherwise, I have a feeling I’ll be too pooped to continue. For some reason, when my Marty’s around, I have this need to reach for the stars… and the conviction that I’m able to. When we exercise together, I won’t quit until he does.

Lunch: Shaklee meal shake, more water, fresh vegetables.

Dinner: This will be the most difficult time unless I prepare ahead. I hope to prepare dinner after I exercise when I’m not hungry. I’m also going to cut some fresh vegetables to snack on if I get hungry, or if others in the house decide to eat un-healthy.

My Marty and I are doing this together. We have some great goals for our future, but we need to be healthy to see them realized! I’ll check in again soon. Take care and feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and helpful hints or advice. We can use all the help we can get!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is Marty again! Well, today started off with the best intentions, but how does that saying go? Anyway, I began my day with a Shaklee Meal shake, and some fresh fruit. Not bad, I said to myself. Actually, I said it out loud, as I was trying to impress the family. My wife just looked at me, because she had her shake, too, for breakfast, so I got that "Really?" look from her. Lunch was light also, but my main reason for not feeling good about today wasn't the food I ate, or didn't eat. No, it was the lack of exercise. I was hoping to get some time doing something, and I missed the boat completely. I would like to say that there is always tomorrow, but I can't keep putting it off. Yes, I know it is only two days, but that is how three months can pass by without doing anything, one simple day at a time. This means that Wednesday is a MUST day for me. I MUST make time to exercise, even if I get busy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Afternoon! My wife and I decided to start this blog just to track our health progress. We recently re-started our Shaklee business and figure that this would be a great way to keep on track. I have had some aches and pains recently, so I thought it was about time I started to exercise (more) and keep track of any weight loss and improvements to my overall well being. I know that many people would rather read about exercising and diet than to actually do it, myself included, lol, but here it is for the world to see. So, my goals are to exercise four times a week, and lose 15 pounds over the next four months. What kind of exercise? What kind of diet? I am thinking of joining my wife and use the Wii Zumba 2. I actually get out of breath just watching it, but that is all the more reason to go for it, right? I am also going to start with the Shaklee Meal plan and replace one of my meals with it to start.

In addition to this, I will be working on my online business, so any questions about that would be welcome. As the health progress, so hopefully will our work.