Friday, March 9, 2012

Amazing! I have been at it a little more than a week, and already I see big differences! I have switched to the Shaklee meal shake for the last week or so, drank more water and cut down (not cut out!) my soft drinks and snacks. I have lost almost four pounds in this week, 3.9 to be exact. That is great! Yes, I just patted myself on the back, after all, now that I lost all that weight I can reach around, lol. I have managed to increase my exercising, and now try to spend a little longer on it as well as increasing the days I do it with Mary. It really is great to see it coming off. I mean, I was pushing the last buckle on my belt a month ago, got back to my second notch a few weeks back, and yesterday I was in my third notch, and it was comfortable! If I can make it a little further, I think I will treat myself to a new pair of jeans. So, earlier I mentioned cutting back on my soft drinks. I had to phrase it that way, because I don't know where in the country you are reading from today. It may be pop, or soda, or Coke even! Yes, when I was in Tennessee for a few years, people always were asking if I wanted a Coke. I said yes, because I like Coke, then I would be shocked by them asking what kind of Coke I wanted, Sprite, Root Beer, Pepsi, Orange, etc. It was funny when I would go into the restaurants with my friends and they would all stare at me when I started laughing when asked that question. They would give me looks, wondering what I found so funny. Eventually, they just chalked it up to a "Yank thang" and went on with what they were doing. So, that is why I chose Soft Drinks. Long story? Yeah, but you read it, didn't you?

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