Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today, we had a great time. We started off healthy, and kept it up. Its easy to make small changes that can have a big impact. Just ordering sandwiches without mayo, for example, can add up to a lot of saved calories. So finally the busy day is over, all is accomplished, and now you get a chance to listen to me write. Wait, did I just say that? Ok, you know what I mean. This evening, I had to go out of town to get my car from the mechanics shop. I was supposed to go yesterday, but they actually had both of my cars at the same time, and I had to pick one up yesterday and the other one today. This was a funny week, because no one in my family had a vehicle. My son, daughter and step son all had car problems this week. Hopefully theirs will be settled soon, but since they all live in different states, we can't really help, just sympathize with each others plight, and of course, try to top each others broken down car stories. My sons story wins the prize, his car won't accelerate past 30 mph, and he needs to take a highway to work, plus he is a lead-footed driver, so it's ironic on top of everything, lol.

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