Monday, March 26, 2012

A Big Week

I have been feeling better and better and have finally came to a decision. I have been wearing the same size jeans for over a year, and am now going to go and get a new pair in a new SIZE! Yes, it will be a size smaller, thank you. Since I usually just look at my tags and buy the same size time after time, this really is a milestone for me. Its not that I don't shop, no, I do, it's just like I have my measurements memorized, and I don't try anything different. But ow, whoa baby, this will be awesome! I guess you have to understand me a bit. Being the same size for so long gets you into a routine. I think this lifestyle change Mary and I have made is also refreshing us mentally as well. I notice little things, like when we go out to eat, water is asked for instead of soda, dessert is passed on, often even at home. To tell the truth, she does better than me in the will power department, and I'm very proud of how she has been going along. Maybe it's because I feel I have a shorter distance to go, but I seem to be more prone to "accessorizing" my meals. Ok, cheat. But still, I have lost weight, I have been able to change my belt notches, and I don't get as out of breath as I had been lately. When I watched the Shaklee video for our training, the doctor mentioned little changes can make a big difference. I believe it because I see it, in Mary and myself. We have now been talking about making some bigger changes, so I guess that means from little changes to medium changes, after all, let's not get too wild here, right? I think I will post a pic of my new jeans this week, of course, I still have to go shopping for them!

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