Sunday, March 18, 2012

"No G-News is Good G-news," - Gary Gnu

Good Evening! I can't believe it's been 9 days since our last blog! Well, don't worry... as Gary Gnu said, "No G-news is GOOD G-news!" Although I haven't lost any weight since last time, I haven't gained any either!!!

We've been busy, and more so than usual. My van blew a head gasket and it's been repaired... TWICE! My husband went back to work after being laid off all winter. And I've started another job (not a NEW job, as if I stopped any/all others, but I've added another to my list which includes mystery shopper, daycare provider, World of Wellness enthusiast, Shaklee independent distributor, Bible instructor, mom of a home schooled teen, etc., etc., etc.).

Well, honestly, we've cheated a little as things "spring" to life and our calendar gets packed. The congregation pot luck family night was last weekend and I couldn't risk offending someone by NOT tasting each dish my friends so lovingly prepared. LOL.

Martin and I have been remaining active, we've been drinking our meal shakes for breakfast, and he's been taking a lunch to work instead of grabbing an artery clogging lunch somewhere. Eating healthy HAS proved a little difficult since we've been increasing our efforts as Kauffman Chiropractic's Office Representatives. I've decided that we need to plan ahead and pack a healthy meal when we know we'll be busy during mealtime. That's my bad and I'm determined to not trip over that obstacle again.

So, the plan for this week is drink more water, eat healthy meals which include fresh fruit and vegetables, and don't SKIP any meals! I also need to schedule time to exercise because trying to fit it in when I can isn't working. I DO have three Zumba belts for use with my Zumba 2 on the Wii... hint, hint, hint. Any takers? :-)

Take care my friends, and don't let one week make you weak! I continue my fight to achieve what I deserve... what everyone deserves... a world a wellness!!!

PS: I just received my latest Shaklee newsletter in the mail. I'm going to dive into it tonight and tomorrow... and I'll share some juicy tid bits soon.

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