Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Hump Day/Wednesday - The highest hurdle till the weekend

Okay, I never got the whole "hump" day thing. I have always enjoyed Wednesdays because that means there are only two days till Friday. I mean, only rainy days and Mondays get me down... right? (Grin).

So, I'm down a pound since last week. I do realize that we can fluctuate a pound or two every day, but I'm happy. A pound may not seem like a lot, but if you hold a brick of butter in your hand you realize a pound is quite a bit! I know, ever the optimist, but something's got to keep me going. Wednesday isn't the daunting hurdle that intimidates me... it's failing this battle to lose weight and be healthy. That's just plain scary! So, just as the weekend is the "gold" at the end of the rainbow, achieving my WORLD OF WELLNESS is the lost treasure I'm determined to find and unearth. I have my map with the big red "X" marking the spot. Now, I just need to follow the path, overcome the strategically placed obstacles and booby traps, and view anyone that would hinder my success as a potential pirate that would steal my booty... unwittingly or not!

I feel good about this past week. We've kept up the meal shakes for breakfast, we've been trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and our dinner portions have been modest (i.e. no overflowing plate, and seconds are frowned upon). When I couldn't resist snacking, I made sure to only grab a few rice crackers or another bottle of water. I'm pretty proud of the many temptations I've resisted. And by the way, if you love someone... don't offer them candy bars or Starbucks when they're trying to lose weight. It's not nice. Just sayin'.

Oh, and just because something is "fat free" doesn't make it calorie free! So, if someone who is trying to lose weight indulges in calories (fat free or not), then said "someone" should be forced to walk the plank and burn as many calories on the Wii or in Zumba dance that have been ingested... IMHO. (Shrug) Of course, I'm not naming names. That wouldn't be nice... would it? (Coy grin, innocent giggle).

Well, since I was workin' out with my gal pal at 6:30 AM, breaking a sweat and trying to talk like it was no big thing despite my body screaming for sanity, I felt extremely accomplished by an early hour today. I was then in service doing business territory with my family and the day rewarded me with sunshine and a nice spring "breeze"(if that's what you want to call the gale force gusts blowing garbage cans over and scattering trash everywhere). My husband is a pillar of support and I enjoy his company on this journey. He works out with me, encourages me, and loves me. What else could a gal want? He's my amazing Marty and I love him right back! I hope I encourage and support him as he needs. He certainly deserves it... and I certainly don't deserve him!!!!

I have to smile as I sit for a moment reflecting on my day thus far and contemplating what remains of my schedule. I enjoy watching the trees "dance" outside, and as I close my eyes I hear and imagine the wind singing a breezy ballad. Yes, they are celebrating my victories with me one pound at a time. I will win this war one battle at a time, and one week shall not make me weak!!!

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